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First Do No Harm

Edited by John Lister

The EU-funded HeaRT (Health Reporter Training) project 2010-2012 laid an important foundation by investigating the existing (very limited) provision of specialist education and training courses for health journalists throughout the EU and also in the USA, where the existence of a large professional...

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  • eBook (PDF): £ 20.00
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Design for a Complex World

Graham Cairns

Design for a Complex World – Challenges in Practice and Education is founded on the belief that the forces of globalisation that have affected design practice for decades have, in recent years, manifested themselves in design education as well. The book brings together authors, practitioners...

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  • Paperback: £ 25.00
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On-call in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Karl F. B. Payne, Alexander M. C. Goodson, Arpan Tahim, Nabeela Ahmed and Kathleen Fan

“This book is timely and fills a real void in clinical practice…A copy should be on every Oral and Maxillofacial ward and in every hospital's Emergency Department.  It is essential reading for junior surgeons who in their training are precipitously exposed to patients...

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  • Paperback: £ 17.99
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Along the Way

Robert L. France

For more than a thousand years, the collective imagination – and footsteps! – of millions of people have been captured by the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Recently, in recognition that the pilgrimage route has functioned as much as a conceptual conduit for establishing medieval...

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  • Paperback: £ 17.99
London's Lea Valley and the Great War add this book to your basket

London's Lea Valley and the Great War

Jim Lewis

Much has been written about the physical side of the Great War with graphic descriptions of flooded trenches, glutinous mud, unrelenting shelling, vicious barbed wire and the extreme suffering of both Allied and German troops. However, historians have paid less attention to the embryonic and...

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  • Hardback: £ 15.00

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