The Future is in the Post 2011

Perspectives on Transformation in the Postal Industry

edited by Derek Osborn
 Kristian J. Sund

  • Pages:160
  • Published:2011
£ 32.00 isbn: 978 1 907471 57 5

About The Future is in the Post 2011

For industry observers, it is evident that the postal industry has changed dramatically over this past decade and that it will continue to change over the next. It is also true that many operators have been successful in adapting their organisations to the new reality and in actively pursuing novel strategies for growth.

Despite the digital challenges, paper has an impact and is still a compelling medium. Most informed analyses now talk about integrating the digital and the physical, in order to maximise the benefits from each and the postal industry is certainly in a unique position to be at the heart of this integration. The contributions in this book, the second in The Future is in the Post series, outline the nature of the transformation in the postal industry and emphasise the role of technology.

 The Future is in the Post II is intended to provide managers, suppliers, customers, policy-makers and politicians, regulators, academics and in fact anyone with an interest in the postal industry, with some insights into the challenges and opportunities it is facing and how it is transforming itself through the strategic actions of its operators.

The main part of the book contains contributions from a diverse group of people (and organisations) involved with the postal industry worldwide. These very experienced industry professionals discuss specific issues relating to transformation, strategic developments and options for the postal industry. Their contributions offer valuable insights for all those interested in the future of the post.

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